Do you like living in apartments? Not everyone does, as many just use them to get established in new areas or have somewhere to live until they buy a home. On the other hand, quite a few people do actually like living in apartments, and some even love it. The smaller amount of space is just less stuff to keep up with, many apartments provide on-site maintenance services, and the lack of lawn care or yard work is very appealing to many. Still, it’s one thing to enjoy apartment life and another to move up to luxury apartment living.

How each apartment provider defines itself as being something luxury will vary from one place to the next, and not all of them are honestly going to be luxury options. So, the specific factors that determine luxury apartments in union sc vary, but the following are certain ones to look for if you’re interested in renting one for yourself:

Walk-In Showers: Bathtubs get you clean, but walk-in showers are far more luxurious and easier to step in and out of.

Covered Parking Spaces: Like an apartment complex with trees? They provide shade and beauty. They also mean pollen, leaves, and bird waste. Covered parking spaces spare you from all this, as well as snow and ice.

Extra Storage: An additional closet or even a closed-off garage might be space for the stuff that won’t fit into your unit. That could potentially include a rarely used car you don’t want to leave outside.

Concierge Trash Pickup: Dumpsters can be unsightly on luxury properties, or even if they are there, residents might not like hauling out every bag of trash they accumulate. Some properties might hide their dumpsters well with the right bushes or walls, but some of them actually have someone go door to door and pick up residential trash for them each weeknight.

Dry Cleaning: Another door service you might get in the right luxury apartment complex is someone who picks up and delivers your dry cleaning to you.

Grocery Delivery: This one is a bit rare, but some premium properties will actually bring groceries right to your door for you.

Utilities: Many modern luxury apartments know that their residents like simplicity over all else, so on top of taking care of the grounds and maintenance, they might use their mass purchasing power to provide things like WiFi, Internet service, and even cable television automatically included in their lease agreements.

Gated Community: Some apartment communities know that security is a luxury many prefer, so it might take a passcode or permission from a resident to get in an automated gate, although some complexes will even have manned security checkpoints. Some apartments even have security patrols making the rounds.

There are of course other amenities that might define luxury apartments in Union SC, but this list is a good starting point to look for if you want higher-end living in this part of the Palmetto State.